Tomas Santiago, Managing Partner, Operations and Finance

Tom is a Managing Partner at Group 1521 and has more than 35 years of experience in operations and finance. He focuses on operations and establishing budgets of services for B2B firms.

Tom has held executive positions at prominent manufacturers and dealers such as White-Westinghouse, GE, Westinghouse (Philacor) and Nissan. His achievements include the implementation of financial and marketing programs at manufacturing and dealer levels that have resulted in increased market penetration, share of market and profitability.

He has a M.B.A. from the Asian Institute of Management, in the Philippines, and a B.A. in Economics from the University of the Philippines.


Raul Gutierrez, Managing Partner, Marketing and Sales

Raul is a Managing Partner at Group 1521 and has more than 25 years of experience in corporate marketing and sales. He focuses on the marketing and packaging of services for B2B firms.

Previously, Raul was at New York based branding and design firms Siegel & Gale, Landor Associates, and Gensler where he helped revitalize the brands of companies such as 3M, Caterpillar, Dell, ING Americas, Lehman Brothers, McGraw-Hill, Morgan Stanley, Thornton Tomasetti and Verizon to name a few.

He has a M.F.A. in communications design from Pratt Institute. Raul received his B.F.A., cum laude, in fine arts from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.


Martin Santiago, Managing Partner, IT and Technical Support

Martin has extensive experience in the IT industry, with a combined background in business and technology. He focuses and provides IT and technical support for B2B firms.

Martin has held senior positions at prominent firms such as Bloomberg L.P. and Bullrun Financials, Inc. His achievements include the development of next generation portfolio analytic tools, which integrate client and market data that provide a seamless portal for improving portfolio management efficacy.

He has a B.S. in Computer Science, and a B.S. in Finance from Rutgers University.


Regina L. Clemente, Senior Associate, Marketing & Sales

Regina has held executive positions with Ship Shops Inc., and Negros Galleon, Inc., subsidiary companies of Negros Navigation Co. Inc., the first shipping company in the Philippines. Her achievements include developing International Standard Operations for Passenger Services. Regina focuses on the marketing of services to B2B firms in the West Coast.

She has extensive experience in Office Administration, Food and Beverage Operations, and specializes in Risk Management of Commercial Properties, Casualties / General Liabilities and Personnel.

Regina is a graduate of the University of St. La Salle, in the Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and majored in Marketing Management.


Cris L. Tongson, Senior Associate, Marketing & Sales

Cris has extensive experience in Architectural Design and Project Construction and has worked on residential, commercial, retail, restaurants and institutional projects in the Philippines and in the United States. He focuses on the marketing of services for B2B firms in the West Coast.

Previously, Cris had his own architectural private practice that transformed space into an environment with innovative schemes and concepts that balanced the physical, working and aesthetic needs of the client. He attained his Philippine Professional License as an Architect in 1988.

Cris is a graduate of La Consolacion College, in the Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.