Group 1521 LLC is a specialty consulting firm that helps clients define their Business Process Outsourcing needs and implement the appropriate strategies.

We offer companies, government institutions and non-government organizations innovative, high quality and cost effective outsourcing services in various aspects of clients’ organization. Business processes to be outsourced range in terms of strategic planning, data entry, archiving, general accounting services, financial reporting, legal, premedia and autoCAD services.

Group 1521 offers outsourcing services supplied by offshore processing centers. The sourcing of services through offshore affiliates enables Group 1521 to fulfill the ongoing need of U.S. companies and organizations to achieve ongoing competitiveness and growth at lower costs and increased productivity, as well as flexibility.

Group 1521 focuses primarily on fulfilling its clients’ needs, which are seen to require quality service and is demanding with respect to output value.

The founders and core Management team of the company are comprised of highly qualified professionals with extensive experiences and varied expertise in operations, finance, marketing, sales, IT and technical support.